Affordable Health Care

As a wife and mother of five, I know how important it is for everyone to have access to affordable health care, it is essential to achieving the American Dream. However, Virginia Republicans, including my opponent, have voted not to expand access to Medicaid, creating a coverage gap leaving hundreds of thousands in Virginia without insurance. These uninsured adults make too much income to qualify for traditional Medicaid, but they make too little income to qualify for marketplace subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

I believe that healthcare is a right, and we need to immediately address this gap in coverage. Expanding Medicaid would provide healthcare to over 400,000 Virginians, and it would cover 2,200 adults in the 62nd district alone according to the Commonwealth Institute. Expanding Medicaid is a common sense solution to improving our community, boosting the economy and improving health outcomes for thousands.

I also support implementing an affordable public option in Virginia, which would allow anyone to purchase Medicaid at a reasonable cost.  In addition to expanding access to insurance, this public option would provide competition for private plans, driving down costs for all.

I also believe that we need to adequately fund mental health services in Virginia. The state’s behavioral health czar stated that state-run mental hospitals will overflow by 2024 if Virginia does not change how it funds and administers public mental health treatment. I will work with my colleagues in the General Assembly to expand the amount of beds available at state institutions.