Criminal Justice Reform

We are putting too many people in prison when there are other options. Our prisons and jails are full of people who struggle with addiction and/or mental illnesses; they need health services, not punishment. We are also putting children in prison rather than into restorative justice programs.

The school to prison pipeline is real in America. I believe our school resource officers need to evaluate and revise their roles within the schools to protect and serve - not to interrogate and/or discipline. I am passionate about working toward solutions to ensure our children's constitutional rights are not taken away from them.

I believe we need to change the sentencing guidelines, as most are too excessive. People who commit non-violent crimes should not have sentencing such as a minimum of 15 years in prison.

Excessive prison sentences for nonviolent crimes costs taxpayers more money when we could educate people, provide them with skills training and jobs. Education directly impacts public safety; if we give people opportunities for a job and a fair wage, we can reduce the amount of people going into prisons.

I believe in legalizing marijuana and making legalization retroactive. CBD oil and THC-A oil is now legal for medical use in Virginia, as many parents and healthcare professionals grapple with treating chronic pain and central nervous system disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis or Epilepsy. People are feeling the benefits of treatment by this oil.