We must empower our kids today to compete in a global job market tomorrow. I am a parent of five whose children attend public schools, a former employee of the school system, and a community activist. Many educators have shared their experiences in the classroom with me, and I am truly concerned with the direction in which public education is heading.


We took innovation out of the classroom and replaced it with teaching to the test. Our teachers have lost the ability to use modern education practices and have lost the autonomy to insert practical methods in their classrooms. Our K-12 schools are vital to our kids’ growth and success and we must redirect their path.


I have fought for changes to our education system and support for our teachers for many years. I have worked with the NAACP to the Richmond Education Foundation to educate parents of their rights. I have personally lobbied our elected officials, including my House of Delegates opponent, to sponsor legislation to adequately fund our schools.

As your Delegate, I will defend public education. I will support and present legislation to reform our current SOL system and increase funding to our public schools in order to provide solid wages and protect retirement funds for our teachers.