From the Washington Post; March 1, 2017:

“[SCOTUS] told a lower court to reexamine the redistricting efforts of Virginia’s Republican-led legislature for signs of racial bias and gerrymandered legislative districts… black voters and Democrats have challenged the General Assembly’s actions in drawing [Va.] legislative [districts]…

A win at the Supreme Court last term resulted in redrawing the congressional map… that favored the election of a second African American congressman [Donald McEachin]…

The House districts are in Richmond, the Hampton Roads area… All have African American voter majorities… [In the Va. House of Delegates] Democrats are outnumbered 66 to 34. (In the Senate, where Democrats were in control at the time of reapportionment, the GOP has a 21 to 19 advantage.)"

Gerrymandering hurts our democracy and disenfranchises voters. It prevents politicians from giving true representation to their citizens. Grouping people based on benefits to a political party or candidate does not show concern for our citizens, but rather concern for those in power.

The purpose of drawing districts is for people who share a community to vote on who represents and governs those communities. One political party should not make decisions for everyone while ignoring the minority from the other party, whether Democrat or Republican. Competitive seats keep everyone more honest and stops our politics from becoming even more hostile.

We are all victims of gerrymandering, democrat and republican. The area of Chesterfield where I live was put into a Republican Congressional district and a republican Va. Senate district. That means my politicians do not have to listen to my community and they can get reelected over and over. If you elect me to the Va. House of Delegates I will work with our next Governor to create non-partisan districts based on people's communities.

 Large map of VA District 7
 Detailed map of VA districts