Jobs & Workforce Development

As a small business owner, I have partnered with other small businesses to train people for this constantly-changing and fast-paced job market. We have had great results educating young people, ex-felons and others through innovative workforce development programs. These programs help people gain skills and employment even without advanced degrees or diplomas. Workforce development programs are going to be necessary in the future, in Virginia and across our nation. I will work to make existing workforce development resource centers more accessible.

We need small businesses to help vitalize and sustain our local economy. There are many benefits to supporting small businesses: they keep money and resources local, they hire locally, they do not have long or cumbersome application processes, they provide on-the-job-training, invest more time in each employee than large businesses do, and they oftentimes take a chance on employees who are unlikely to find work.

Getting people back to work is essential to growing Virginia's economy and providing stability for each family.

Virginia has not increased the minimum wage in decades as inflation has gone up. I believe in a living wage and providing training for unskilled workers. Working people in our state should have the dignity of providing for their family. No one working forty hours a week should live in poverty.